Sandy Bay

Sandy shores of the bay define its name. The wind blows out sand from under the roots and the trees stand as if on stilts. The bay is unique thanks to its unusual cliffs and their evergreen cedar trees. Bolshaya Kolokolnya (the Big Belfry, 80 m) in the north and Malaya Kolokolnya (the Small Belfry, 60 m) in the south encircle this picturesque bay where the tourist campus and the department of the Limnological Institute are situated. The Belfries protect Peshanaya Bay from strong winds by their steep rocky slopes, drowning to the depth of the Lake. The Big Belfry Rock used to have the first lighthouse on Baikal Lake, which was lighted manually and helped ships not to lose their way.

The sandy beach, which is in the shape of a crescent, has length 750 m and width from 15 to 20 m.

The amount of sunny days at this place is higher than at famous Black sea resorts, the average year temperature here is always positive, excellent beach vacations and first-class accommodation at the hotel will be offered to you. The rocks-bells, tree-walkers, golden sand, ideally smooth gravel-stones and vast expanses of Baikal waters will definitely impress you!

Not far from Peschanaya Bay there is Gannet's Rock. This place is the main place for nesting of black and white Gannet birds. These big and gorgeous birds have attracted hunters at all times. In former times because of illegal hunting population of Gannets was almost depleted. However during the last 3 years more and more Gannets return to their small homeland. Nowadays it is not a rarity to see a big black hovering bird right above your head in Peschanaya Bay.

Peschanaya Bay is a perfect place for your vacations. Here you may take Banya (Russian steam sauna) with your friends and have a swim at Baikal waters afterwards, take a family walk along the marvelous sandy beaches, have a swim at transparent waters of Baikal at hot summer day, relax sitting at the harbor and enjoy fascinating sunset above the endless waters of the Sacred Lake. Hospitable and comfortable accommodation will pleasantly surprise you. Peschanaya Bay is truly the pearl of Baikal!